Rhinoland feedback

Dear Mr Ghimire,
We write to thank you for providing a wonderful experience in Chitwan, and in particular at Rhino Land lodge with the care of your lovely staff.

Our meals have been outstanding, and your service staff exemplary. We have felt welcomed, cared for, and appreciated. You have a wonderful service team.

Our guide for walks and safari was Burma. Burma has incredible local knowledge and a gentle, humble soul. He accommodated the varying needs of our group with meticulous attention and shared his knowledge of local wildlife freely. Under Burma's guidance, we were able to experience sighting rhinoceros, monkeys, elephants, many birds, deer, and even a cobra. All safely and with time and care to truly enjoy our Chitwan experience.
Unfortunately, on our jeep jungle tour yesterday, Burma had an obnoxious and rude French woman on our jeep. She refused to consider the others on the jeep and she was blatantly rude and nasty to Burma directly. At all times, Burma remained calm and courteous, despite her rudeness. We wanted to thank Burma for handling this unfortunate incident in such a gentle and kind manner, and we wanted to inform you of his professionalism should you receive any complaints from that woman. Please feel free to contact us should you require further information.

You have a wonderful hotel facility with excellent staff. We look forward to sharing our delightful experience with our friends in Australia on our return, and we will certainly encourage them to visit Chitwan and to stay at Rhino Land jungle Lodge.

Many thanks again,

- Kirsty and Abby Moore (Australian)

It was way better than I expected.

My stay at Chitwan, however short, was a pleasantly memorable experience, and Rhino Land Jungle Lodge was a major part of why my experience there was so great.

It was the first time I had visited Chitwan, and I had heard all about jungle safaris, elephant rides and other National Park tours and activities. All in all, I was made to expect high for a very long time, and not just from the various activities that can be done there. Chitwan national Park is the most famous Wildlife and Nature Reserve in Nepal - it attracts thousands of tourists yearly - and so I was made to expect that the hospitality there would be just as good.

At Rhino Land, I got to experience some of the finest hotel facilities in Nepal, and got to go on unforgettable Chitwan tours that the Lodge planned for us themselves. There were no complications, no worries of safety and security, and the tours went about smoothly without any hindrances.

I had gone in a small group of friends, just the three of us, and Chitwan was a completely different and new place for me, so I had some security concerns. Upon reaching the Lodge, this notion, however, was something I immediately negated. It’s located in such a quiet and friendly looking area of Sauraha, and the environment inside the hotel is just as. It’s dotted with trees every which way, and the complacently warm looking buildings form a cozy courtyard style area in the compound. Furthermore, we got to interact with the staff members first hand, and they were very helpful and approachable. It made me feel completely at home.

And of course, the tours.
The Lodge itself had services that gave us tour packages, and they even have specialized staff members who are tour guides and wildlife experts themselves, and they aid us and guide us throughout the Jungle experience. All of the tours - whether it was the canoe ride, elephant ride, or the jeep safari – were fun and very informative. I got to learn so much since I have an interest in wildlife, and seeing so many animals, birds, reptiles and the jungle itself satisfied my interests to an almost euphoric degree. I never thought I’d get to experience the Jungle and so many animals in a matter of days. And I never thought the tours or anything related to the activities would not be met by problems, as I’ve come across them so often in my other travels.

Overall I had a great experience in Chitwan, and in Rhino Land. If I ever return to Chitwan for holiday or for any other purpose on that matter, I know I would always opt to stay at Rhino Land Jungle Lodge.

- Pallavi R Shrestha (Student)

I felt like I had been transported towards a peaceful environment

When I first walked into the Rhino Land Jungle Lodge located in beautiful Sauraha, I felt like I had been transported towards a peaceful environment from the usual chaotic Kathmandu lifestyle. As I spent my two days at the resort, I felt myself in a homely environment with a variety of housing options, a spacious garden and hospitable staff.

I chose to stay in a hut, whose walls housed an eye catching picture of wild animals of Chitwan. Having a luxurious, fully facilitated hotel room with a pretty garden with hammocks right outside was a privilege I could not resist. I was also pleased with their breakfast and the multiple cuisines that I had at the hotel.

As I consider myself to be an adventurous, nature loving person, I could not miss the opportunity to go on the jungle safari programs offered by the hotel. The elephant back safari was a unique experience which is only preformed in Nepal. I could imagine myself being a part of the vast Chitwan National Park itself and enjoy myself fully during the ride. The jeep safari seemed more thrilling to me as I could see more of the various flora and fauna including the Royal Bengal Tiger and the one horned rhino.

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience for me to stay at the hotel and to be immersed with the environment of Chitwan. I recommend all nature lovers to pay a visit and you surely would not regret it.

- Anusha Pahari (Student)